Our First Look at the BlackJack II is coming just as soon as YouTube finishes processing it. Meanwhile, if you're one of the lucky ones to have picked up this mamma-jamma, MoDaCo has a download for you. See, the BlackJack II has GPS built-in, but by default it only wants to work with TeleNav (an issue we were worried about from the get-go):

[...]there is a problem with the implementation on the Blackjack (and in fact the Moto Q9H I understand, a device I believe this patch will help with too). The problem is that although the GPSID is configured and applications such as the built in Telenav and Windows Live Search can use the system fine, there is no COM port exposed to allow the vast majority of applications that use this connection method to use the GPS. DOH! And with no UI to configure it, you quickly hit a brick wall.

Well Nick Paul O'Brien over at MoDaCo has put together a little app that sets the GPS to COM4. You care about that because it allows other Windows Mobile apps, like Windows Live Search, Virtual Earth Mobile, or Google Maps, to utilize the GPS.

It also “app unlocks” the device so you can re-order the start menu. Be careful with the re-ordering, though, as in my case moving AT&T's apps around seems to have broken MEdia.net and thereby made PocketIE complain a lot.

Big Ups, Paul!

Read: Samsung Blackjack II GPS... ACTIVATED! - MoDaCo

(edit: Fixed the credit on the article, that's what I get for trying to post quickly on my way out the door!)