We've been tracking the Samsung i788 saga for quite awhile here at WMExperts. It all started with our hands-on with the non-US-compatible i780 back at CES in January, followed by news that a US-compabitible version called the i788 was not only coming, but it was likely coming on AT&T. Lastly (and perhaps most bafflingly), we heard that it was going to be called the BlackJack III.

Thanks to an enterprising tipster, we have confirmation of all of the above, plus a bit more: It should be dropping in October, the camera is superb, it's just a “little thicker than the BJII,” and that little pointer device that replaces the standard d-pad “works well but takes some getting used to.” All in all, it sounds pretty sweet quality to us, but we gotta wonder: why “BlackJack III?” We like the first two BlackJacks as thin, WinMo standard devices, why do Samsung and AT&T have to go muddying the brand waters like that?

Anyhow, come October you'll be able to judge the Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, 320x320 Touchscreen, 528MHz processor, 3 megapixel camera, A-GPS, WiFi, and 3G goodness on AT&T for yourself. With specs like that, AT&T can call it pretty much anything they want.