BLINK Lumia 1520

BLINK was just updated a few days ago, but today we’re looking at another update. BLINK is a pretty awesome app that comes to us from Microsoft Research. It gives users access to the best shot and action shot by taking a ton of shots at once. What’s new in this rapid update? A fix for folks with the Lumia 1520.

The update from a few days ago (v2.2) for BLINK introduced a handful of awesome features. For example, the app would automatically trigger the focus for faces when it detected faces. Improvements to stabilization were also introduced to help keep images aligned between sequences. GIF and metadata support was also introduced. All great features that made v2.2 of BLINK one you didn’t want to miss.

Sadly, folks on the Lumia 1520 (aka Daniel’s daily driver) couldn’t get the app to work after updating. Today’s update to version 2.3 is just a quick fix to get the app working on the Lumia 1520.

Lumia 1520 owners (and others) go grab BLINK from the Windows Phone Store.