Blizzard Streaming has now launched for many of the company's PC titles, including Overwatch. It allows gamers to connect to their Facebook account and quickly launch live streams of Blizzard titles via Facebook Live.


Blizzard and Facebook first announced their game streaming partnership in June, but Blizzard Streaming only went live late this week. It's available just for Windows PC versions of Blizzard's games, and and just in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia for now, with more markets to be added in the future. Besides Overwatch, Blizzard Streaming will also work with World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Diablo III, and StarCraft II.

Blizzard PC users should now see a new camera icon on the upper right hand side in their client. Clicking the icon launches the Blizzard Streaming features. After linking the client to your Facebook account, you can begin playing your Blizzard PC game and immediately begin streaming live gameplay to your Facebook page. You can customize the stream so that everyone who checks out your Facebook page can see it, or only your friends, and you can also activate or deactivate your webcam and microphone as well.

This new partnership between Blizzard and Facebook is definitely a big competitive move, as it goes up other online streaming ventures, including YouTube Gaming and especially Twitch, which has benefited from gamers streaming Overwatch matches on consoles.