Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch coming to the Xbox One

If a splash page spotted on Blizzard Entertainment's online portal,, is the real deal, the developer's highly anticipated team shooter Overwatch will be coming to the Xbox One next spring. The splash page was spotted by Twitter user @Wario64, and it advertises Overwatch "Origins Edition" pre-orders for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, along with the stipulation that the game will launch on or before June 21, 2016.

This is big news for a couple of reasons. First, outside of a few examples, including its console port of Diablo 3, Blizzard has always skewed towards the PC platform with its games. And prior to some recent murmurings, including a listing from Gamestop and some datamined references, there wasn't any concrete information that Overwatch would be available for consoles. However, if this leak pans out, it looks like Xbox One gamers will indeed be able to get in on the shooter action when the game launches next year.

If you're a faithful Blizzard follower, you'll know that leaks like this aren't unprecedented leading up to the developer's annual BlizzCon conference, which just happens to kick off tomorrow. Though we haven't been able to get the splash page to pop up ourselves, we should hear much more about what the Overwatch Origins Edition includes when things kick off tomorrow.

Source: Wario64 (Twitter); Via: Engadget