Blur for Windows Phone 8

We’ve covered the blurring technique that some of us have adopted on Windows Phone recently. The trick is to find an image you want as your lockscreen and then to blur it using a filter in Photoshop or something similar. The effect is to basically add ‘bokeh’ to the image, allowing you to still see it, but making the text (and notifications) more legible.

We also recently posted Lock Widgets by Jaxbot from the site Windows Phone Hacker. That app added some cool weather and battery info, and when we ran the story, we showed it with a blurred background.

Evidently a light went off in Jaxbot’s head as he’s gone forward to create a freebie app that simply takes whatever image you want and adds “blur” to it. Intensity is based on a slider scale, and users can either save directly to their phone or instantly make it a background.

The app is brilliant in its simplicity and it works exceptionally well (though we could see the blur high end go up a bit more to make it more opaque, but that’s us). And as per our original trick, if you don’t want to use a personal photo, you could just screenshot your Windows Phone 8’s Start screen, apply blur and set that as your Lock screen. It creates a “virtual window” effect and it’s pretty damn cool (and easy).

Pick up Blur here in the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone 8 only. The app is free but please leave some positive feedback if you enjoy it. Thanks, Chinmay T., for the heads up!

Source: Windows Phone Hacker

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