Finally, the day has come for you forum junkies. Board Express, which uses the TapaTalk standard for forum interaction, has finally gone Mango with v2.7. And it adds that feature we were hoping it would with this update, namely the ability to pin individual forums to your Start screen:

  • You can create a Tile for each favorite forum! So you can enter your favorite forum directly from your Homescreen! (To do so, just press & hold on a forum in the favorite list)
  • Mango Fast App Switch Support: Unfortunately, due to the high caching of our app, the restoration still can last some few seconds.

We just gave it a shot and as can been seen in the pic above, it works perfectly. So now you can pin the WPCentral forums right next to our official WPCentral App and you have everything you need, right there on your Start screen. Brilliant!

Pick up Board Express Pro for $0.99 here in the Marketplace. You can also grab the free, ad-supported version here. *Note: Free version is still on v2.5 as of now, so no Mango yet. Thanks to Dave Blake, our Forums mod, for noticing!