For those of you who use Board Express, the Tapatalk client (site) which enables you to effortlessly browse and post to forums, you'll be glad to know that after an eternity, they've finally released a major update with bug fixes galore. It's last major update was in February with 2.0.The bad news, as seems to be the theme today, is it is not Mango-ready.

Still, lets not knock all the major fixes that are on board, which will hopefully resolve most of the problems some folks have been having:

  • myBB support
  • Prior to opening a forum, for security reasons, the whole path to the forum will be displayed
  • to open a link, you have to double click on it. This prevents undesired browsing to a link
  • SMF => username and account name fix
  • A fix for entering a reply: sometimes while entering a character, the last one got deleted.
  • direct registration possible for a new forum (in a web browser)
  • announcements
  • deletion of threads
  • bug-fix for reports => didn't show the reported text
  • Fix for not showing the username after login
  • MessageBox "Do you really want to Exit" can be disabled
  • Fix for some wrong error messages
  • Possibility to turn on Confirmation prior to submitting a new post or a reply (Standard: deactivated)
  • fix for attachments-text not showing using dark skins

Hopefully a v2.6 is right around the corner with fast-app switching and the ability to pin individual forums to your Start screen, 'cause that would be awesome. And as you can probably see from the video above, Board Express works really well with the WPCentral Forums, meaning you can take 'em with you when out and about, plus post just like you were at your PC. Just load up the app and search for our site and you're in. Grab the Pro version (ad free) here for $2.99 with a free trial or just try the free, ad-supported version here.