Board Express

Board Express, the companion app for forum users (works with our Windows Phone forums too) which uses the TapaTalk standard, has been updated to version 2.8 and brings more functionality to the table. For a full run through on what's new:

  • Thanks-feature implemented. You can now see how many thanks a user got for his post, and who did thank him (press on the thanks-link). And you can thank yourself by press and hold on a post and then click on "Thank!"
  • Better handling of page loading
  • Fix for loading CRM-pages in vBulletin
  • vBulletin: Option to open a thread in the internet explorer
  • vBulletin: Option to send a thread as link by email
  • When entering a thread, it only gets marked as read when the last page has been opened. There was a bug while browsing in the thread-view. Now the thread gets marked as read as soon as the last paged has been browsed to.

You can download Board Express from the Marketplace for $0.99, and a free version can also be picked up.

Thanks Bearach for the changelog submission!