Microsoft has set up an interactive exhibit in Los Angeles called the Microsoft Music Box. It combines its Kinect and Surface products in a way to allow you to create music just with body movements. The exhibit is currently open to the public at the L.A. LIVE Plaza today and Sunday as part of the Grammy Awards event.

Basically, people who try out the Music Box stand in a 4-by-4 foot area and make movements which is then interpreted into music. Microsoft says:

Here's how it works: In the tented Microsoft Music Box, as soon as a person steps onto one of the "keyboards" shown from a projector situated on the roof of the tent, Kinect starts tracking their movements. Using software and coding done by YesYesNo, and powered by Surface, the projection and speakers transform the user's body movements into an array of sounds and images, which evolve as they continue to move.

Source: Microsoft

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