Hailing an auto rickshaw in Bangalore can be very frustrating. The one you flag down may refuse to go where you want, ask for an insane markup, or possibly even have a rigged meter. mGaadi, a commuting service with a network of commercial drivers powered by customer ratings, looks to improve that. In addition to Android, they have also just released an official app for Windows Phone.

Watch this one-minute video for a quick explanation on how mGaadi works:

With the mGaadi app, you can book an auto, track trips, and rate auto drivers. Users can book an auto immediately within 20 minutes or for later in the day. Users can also select either as a single trip or a round trip. The app will then alert auto drivers who are registered with mGaadi to respond to the request.

mGaadi currently has 1,325 drivers in their network. You can check for the latest numbers in the app’s splash screen. The drivers all agree to use the meter. Users just have to pay an extra Rs. 10 to the auto driver as pickup fee.

mGaadi screenshot

There are currently two types of mGaadi drivers: mGaadi Basic and mGaadi GPS. GPS drivers have a GPS device in their rickshaw, which enables mGaadi to track the rickshaw continuously. The majority of the drivers are currently of the Basic variety, but the company is working on multiple programs/incentives to upgrade them to mGaadi GPS.

mGaadi is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Their Android app has been available in the Google Play Store since early December. We’re glad to see the company introduce it to Windows Phone users in Bangalore as well. iOS is the next platform they’re looking to support.

Check out mGaadi if you’re in Bangalore and let us know what you think!

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