Microsoft has debuted a new commercial for its Xbox One S console, wrapping up everything that makes the console great in a minute flat — and staking a claim to the best-selling video game console in America (well, at least the video's title which is "Xbox One: The best-selling console in America").

The advert touts standard Xbox One marketing spiel, including the various improvements of the new Xbox One S console and a strong lineup of exclusives on the platform. However, unlike previous promotional videos, Microsoft has chosen to sing its praises following a number of favorable market studies as of late.

Embracing these survey results, the commercial's title calls the Xbox One the 'best-selling console in America'. While not strictly true in terms of total units sold, this claim follows a three-month sales lead in the United States according to recent NPD Group studies.

Microsoft boasts the Xbox One "The best-selling console in America"

The advert also claims Xbox Live is currently the fastest gaming network, backed by a study conducted by HIS Markit last month.

With the Xbox One console only recently topping sales reports, it's clear Microsoft's isn't afraid to take advantage of its current lead. Oh, and there's over a thousand games, more than 100 exclusives, 4K Blu-Ray, and so much more.

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