If you're excited about the progress the team at Microsoft has made with Windows Phone for the past year since the release back in October last year, then you're strongly urged to read Brandon Watson's latest blog post. In this article the face of Microsoft for developers goes into great detail about what lessons have been learned. Of course, not all lessons are visible to the consumer, the two most obvious being update delivery and marketing, which we've witnessed improvements for in the past few months.

Watson continues to dive into how developers were considered every step of the way, with the software giant not needing anymore brand awareness so the focus could remain on keeping the spotlight clear for app submitters. Some interesting points the article covers:

  • Inspiring developers
  • Make developers rich and famous
  • Search and discover-ability
  • Simplicity and removing friction

Watson, as well as the other faces to the Windows Phone team, continue to go out their way to ensure that the experience for not only the consumer, but for developers, is kept at the highest standard. Unlike Google and Apple, we have public faces, not a brand, to have contact with. It's for this reason why developer interest in the platform is increasing, and why Windows Phone will take the market by storm in the coming years.

I think you'll join us in taking our hats off to Brandon and the team and saying "thank you".  Check out the full post at his blog below.

Source: Brandon Watson