Brazilian bank Caixa launches official Windows Phone app

Update: We're not sure what's going on, but the app has been pulled from the store as quickly as it arrived. It's probably just a hiccup and will be back shortly.

While Chase bank may be abandoning the Windows Phone platform here in the states, Brazilian Windows Phone users were treated to a new app from one the country's largest banks, Caixa, today.

Caixa says that you can access over one hundred different features with the app, including everything you would expect from any respectable banking app such as account monitoring, credit card payment information, and and investment tracking.

If you're a Brazilian Windows Phone user, feel free to hit up that store link below to grab the app for yourself.

Thanks to Mayara and Clayton for sending this one in!

Download Caixa from the Windows Phone Store (Free, Brazil only)

QR: Caixa

Via: Windows Mania