Feeling that "the Dell Venue Pro has been neglected by the WP7 homebrew community for a while," XDA user Notebookgrail decided to give it some love.  Using the native COM .dll (OurCOM.dll), he developed DVP Compass and DVP Flashlight.  The names say it all, Compass tells you where to go and Flashlight let's you see it. 

DVP Flashlight also sports the following features:

  • Uses the LED Flash on the device back as a flash.
  • Black out the screen after 10 secs to save power while in 'On' Mode.
  • Uses touch gestures (tap) and Button toggle.

At the moment, you need a developer unlocked or Chevron unlocked Venue Pro to sideload these two gadgets, but Notebookgrail has full registry read/write access in his sights. Just follow the links for the downloads.

DVP Compass

DVP Flashlight

Source: XDA; Via: Notebookgrail (thanks for the tip!)