Well…. almost.

Microsoft is partnering with two companies to let you create fully detailed 3D figurines or a 6 foot tall poster of your Xbox Live Avatar. The 3D figurine is being offered through FigurePrints and will run you $60 (including shipping). You simply go to the website, pull up your avatar and select a pose.

The 6ft tall poster comes to you by way of Fathead. Fathead has built a reputation for creating sports and entertainment wall graphics. The process is similar to ordering your 3D figure. Just pull up your avatar, select a pose and place your order. The poster will stick on any smooth indoor surface, it’s re-usable and it runs $150 for the 6ft version (3ft poster will run you $80).

The only downside to these services (asides from the $150 price tag) is that it doesn’t appear to allow use of all the avatar accessories. Some elements are not licensed for reproduction. For example, if your avatar sports an Assassin’s Creed outfit, you can’t use it. Even my Auburn University t-shirt couldn’t be used.

Regardless, either would make for interesting gifts for the "hard to buy for gamer" or for those who just can't get enough of Xbox Live.

Source: Winrumors