Update: There's a $0.99 version which also features a Live tile/counter, seen above

We reviewed Send to WP7 a few weeks ago, the little app that allows you to send links and text to your phone through your browser, but now a new competitor is in town: Browser To Windows Phone 7

Although the theory and setup is the same, Browser to... goes further as far as options. For one, it divides up text vs links. Second, doing a long press on the text or link allows you to "act on" the information in a much more useful way. Specifically:

After link is sent , you can:

  • navigate the link with Browser
  • send the link via SMS
  • send the link via EMail
  • delete links

After selection/custom text is sent, you can:

  • search text with Google
  • search text with Bing
  • dial
  • send text via SMS
  • send text via EMail
  • delete a text

Of course, Send to WP7 could enable those features too, but for now, we like the more robust features in Browser to Windows Phone 7. Seems like a real great way for saving information "offline" for later use. The app is free and can be found here in the Marketplace and here is the developer's page for more info.

Browser To Windows Phone 7