Microsoft plans to give third-party developers a way to create apps and add-ins for its Outlook.com email service. That tidbit was revealed as part of the company's posting of descriptions for its Build 2015 developer conference that begins Wednesday, April 29 in San Francisco.

The panel itself is titled "Build an Add-in for Outlook.com, Outlook and Office 365 that Reaches Over 400 Million Users" and is being held on the second day of Build 2015, April 30. Here is its full description:

"Yes, you read that right – in under 5 minutes, you can build one app, list it in one store and have it appear in Outlook.com, Outlook desktop and Office 365. We've got many exciting updates since Build 2014 – from apps platform coming to Outlook.com, to simple development tools, to apps now able to place buttons among native Outlook actions. Learn about new capabilities, new UI entry points and best practices for building beautiful and powerful integrations via Apps for Outlook."

From the description, it does sound like Microsoft wants to give developers the tools to make one app that will be able to run on Outlook, Outlook.com and Office 365, similar to their "universal app" plans for Windows 10. Windows Central will be attending Build 2015 and will have first hand reports of the big stories from the conference.

Source: Microsoft; Via: The Verge