Like puzzle games? Bump Out is a neat little puzzle game for your Windows Phone that any puzzle aficionado will appreciate.

The goal is to bump or bounce soccer balls off the screen until you have only one remaining. The balls are placed on a grid and you slide one into another to bump them off the screen. Sounds easy, right? Bump on past the break to see just how easy Bump Out can be.

Bump Out's Main Menu provides you access not only to the game but an online leaderboard and game options. Game options deal with sound and music on/off options and establishing your username/alias for the leaderboard.

Bump Out has two game modes. A Level Mode with 150 progressive levels of solve and a Timed Mode where you have to solve the problems under a time limits. The further you progress with the Timed Mode the faster the clock runs and this Mode has thousands of unique puzzles to attempt.

The game itself calls for you to bump your balls by sliding them into each other to knock them off the screen until you have only one ball remaining. The challenge is that you can only move your balls vertical or horizontally along the grid.

This in turn means you have to line up your shots just right and find the right sequence of bumps so you end up with only one ball remaining. Oh, and you have to have at least one grid square between the balls to bump them.

At the top of the game screen you'll find an undo button that will erase your last move, your current level and number of levels solved. In the timed version you'll see the undo button, timer and score.

All in all, Bump Out is a graphically well presented game that is full of challenge, plenty of game play and a nice way to pass the time. If you like puzzle games, Bump Out will be a great addition to your Windows Phone gaming library.

Bump Out is a free, ad-supported game that you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.