Developer Bungie and publisher Activision have released a two minute live action trailer to help promote their upcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny, and this clip even has a hard rock beat provided by Led Zeppelin.

The trailer features characters from the game, along with the Ghost AI, traveling to different planets in the solar system and shooting or blowing up the invading aliens in the process, all with "Immigrant Song" playing in the background. Bungie is used to having live action trailers for its games as many of its Halo titles it made for Microsoft were accompanied by such short films.

As we have reported before, Destiny is due for release for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, among other platforms, on September 9. Microsoft made it easier for anyone without an Xbox One to get Destiny for free next week, thanks to their latest promotional offer. How many of you are getting Destiny the day of its release?

Source: Destiny on YouTube