Burton app for Windows Phone

Burton and Nokia have always had a cozy relationship. They’ve teamed up in the past with accessories, sponsorships and more. Some recently notable activity between the two include sponsoring Roope Toneri, an insulator case, and the Burton app for Windows Phone. The app just got a new update that helps make it even better.

We’ve already showed you some of the cool camera features you’ll get with this lens app, but now you can do so much more. If you update to version 1.1.1 you’ll get two main features: the ability to track slope side data and track friends on the mountain.

Here is a hands on video we grabbed at Mobile World Congress two weeks back:

Capturing data in real time puts the Burton app head-to-head with one of my favorite apps – Winter. With the Burton app for your Lumia you can now track ride time, speed, and vertical movement with GPS. The friend finder feature is also cool, it uses augmented reality tech to help you locate your friends on the mountain (if they’re using the Burton app).

You can download the Burton app for free if you have a Lumia device here (Windows Phone 8) in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe right in our app.

QR Logo Burton

Source: Windows Phone Blog