Lumia 635

In a deal that is hard to refuse, mega electronics chain Best Buy is offering a free, no-contract AT&T Lumia 635 when you pick up the Xbox One 500GB Halo: The Master Chief bundle.

That Xbox One kit is already a deal at $349.99 as you get 500 GB of storage and four Halo titles found in the Master Chief collection. The rival Sony PlayStation 4 also has a deal as Best Buy are tossing in a freebie PlayStation Camera, a $59.99 value.

In terms of saving though, Microsoft still has the upper hand. Their gaming console is still $50 cheaper, and the Lumia 635 retails for $69.

The deal on both consoles is expected to last the week, and it is open to online and in-store pickup orders. The Lumia 635 is tied to AT&T although there is no contract, and you can likely unlock the device to use on other carriers (although you will lose some LTE connectivity).

The Lumia 635 is a great budget phone with its 4.5-inch display and running Windows Phone 8.1. It is expected to get the Windows 10 update later this year.

We know many people have asked Microsoft to toss in a freebie Windows Phone with every Xbox purchase for years. Although this is not a permanent offering, it is at least a start.

Source: Best Buy; Thanks, Peter, for the tip!

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