In WPCentral’s review of indie puzzler Pirate’s Mind, I praised the game’s polish and professional-quality graphics. We learned soon after that M80 Games had a follow-up game in development. The wait will soon be over, as Buzzwords will soon reach the marketplace.

Buzzwords is a puzzle game that draws clear inspiration from the original Bookworm. In both games, you try to spell as many words as possible from a field of letters. Buzzwords adds several unique touches to the formula, such as a cool combo system. After spelling a word, you’re given a brief time to build another word off of the previous one, increasing your combo multiplier. You’ll also have to watch out for beetles; if they reach your honey pot at the bottom of the screen, it’s game over. Stars earned from gameplay can be spent on game modifiers, enhancing replay value.

After playing a near-final version of the game, I’m highly impressed with it. The word-hunting gameplay is fun and easy to learn. It's also well-suited to play on the go or at home thanks to the availability of both a 3-minute game mode and a Marathon mode. Graphically, Buzzwords looks just as great as Pirate’s Mind thanks to some sharp art and visual effects. Catchy music, robust stat tracking, and online leaderboards round out the package.

Buzzwords should launch by the end of the year for 99 cents. It requires the Mango update.