Cal beta

If there is one thing we can all agree on is that Windows Phone has some talented developers. Especially when it comes to design, which is heavily inspired by Microsoft’s Modern UI principals.  

Today, I’m giving you an early look at a new calendar app headed to Windows Phone. Simply called ‘Cal’. The app is superbly clean and minimalist looking, really eye catching. Even though we already have some great calendar apps like Simple Calendar and Chronos Calendar, Cal ranks right up there in my opinion.

So head past the break to see my video tour and some early screenshots.

The app design is super clean and easy to read. Currently, it supports your local calendar, Microsoft Account and Facebook. Syncing up with Microsoft Account allows you to create, edit and delete entries from within the app, instead of jumping to the native one.

After its release the developer, Philippe Maes, will be adding Google calendar and lock screen support.


In addition, you can customize the Live Tile with your choice of color or even a background image. Likewise, you can choose to show or hide various items, letting you personalize Cal to your liking.

The price is expected to be around $1.99 with a free trial. That trial will either be the full app with a one-week trial, or an ad-supported version with no Live Tile (you folks have a preference?). Regardless, you can look for it around the first week of December. We’ll of course tell you when it goes live as I’m pretty excited about this app.

What do you folks think? Sound off in comments!