Calculator Toolbox

Windows 10 and Windows Phone users who are looking for a solid calculator app should check out the holiday sale on Calculator Toolbox. The app is currently priced at $0.99 from now until January 1. which half its normal $1.99 price tag in the Windows Store.

In case you are not familar with the app, here's the quick breakdown of the main features of Calculator Toolbox.

  • Currently supports 45 different calcs across 8 categories.
  • Full featured Currency Converter with Offline, Online and Auto Modes.
  • Unit Converter with 14 unit categories.
  • OneDrive integration allows to backup user's saved data and favorites. Saved data can be easily restored from OneDrive after switching phone or an application re-installation.
  • Feature rich Mortgage, Auto Loan, and Auto Lease calcs. Ability to generate Excel Mortgage Summary Report on the fly. Ideal for Home buyers and Real Estate agents/brokers.
  • Support for favorites. The favorites section on the main screen can hold up to 8 calcs at a time.
  • Ability to pin favorites, calculator and converter categories to the home screen.
  • Attractive and user friendly UI that adheres to the WP modern design guidelines.

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