Calculator Toolbox

Calculator Toolbox is a feature rich Windows Phone calculator app that includes forty-two calculators that includes a tip calculator, a discount calculator, a debt to income calculator, mortgage calculators and more.

The app was updated earlier today to version 2.3 to add a currency converter with offline as well as online modes. To save on data, you can update the exchange rates and perform your conversions offline. The date of the last update for the rates will be displayed on the currency converter calculator.

As an added bonus, the developer has reduced the price of Calculator Toolbox from $1.99 to $1.29. The sale will only last for the next twenty-four hours so if you are in the market for a feature rich Windows Phone calculator, now is your chance to save a little.

Calculator Toolbox

If you're on the fence about Calculator Toolbox, there is a free version available that is more or less a scaled down version of the paid app with only 35 calculators. Please note that the version 2.3 update only applies to the paid version of Calculator Toolbox.

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