Calculator Toolbox

Calculator Toolbox is a feature rich Windows Phone app that delivers 44 different calculators from eight different categories to your phone. You also get currency and unit converter with 14 unit categories with Calculator Toolbox.

While there is a scaled back free version of Calculator Toolbox available in the Windows Phone Store, the paid version has gone on sale. Through the end of the year, you can pick up the paid version of Calculator Toolbox for $.99 (normally priced $1.99).

Calculator Toolbox

Along with your basic calculator, the paid version of Calculator Toolbox also includes the following key calculators.

  • Tip/Split Calculator
  • Discount Calculator
  • Debt to Income Ratio Calculator
  • Adult BMI Calculator
  • VAT/Sales Tax Calculator
  • Margin/Markup/Profit Calculators
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • Area/Volume Calculators

Calculator Toolbox also features OneDrive integration to back-up saved data, Live Tile support for several calculators and the ability to generate an Excel Mortgage Summary Report.

You will be hard pressed to find a calculation that Calculator Toolbox cannot handle and if you have been on the fence about Calculator Toolbox, now is your chance to save a little. Just remember, come January 1, 2015 the price jumps back to the $1.99 pricing point.

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