We are still two and a half weeks away before Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is released for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles (among other platforms), but that isn't stopping publisher Activision from offering their launch gameplay trailer of the latest installment of the first person shooter series.

The new trailer is a mix of old and new footage, mostly from its single player campaign where you play a soldier in the employ of the Atlas Corporation, battling enemies in the near future with lasers, smart grenades, jet packs and mech suits, among other things. And yes, the head of Atlas, with voice and likeness provided by Kevin Spacey, shows up again in this trailer.

Xbox One owners can already pre-purchase and pre-load the digital version of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in a $59.99 regular edition and the $99.99 Digital Pro Edition, which has an extra multiplayer map and a season pass to the game's post-release DLC packs. Both editions will allow folks to start playing the game on November 3, one day before the game's official release on November 4. Have you put in your pre-order for the game?

Source: Call of Duty on YouTube