Windows Phones

There's some encouraging news from the UK in terms of sales of Windows Phone devices. The research firm Canalys reports Windows Phone's sales went up 32% in that country during Q1 2015, with 570,000 devices purchased. Windows Phones claimed 7.6% of all smartphone sales during that quarter, up from 5.8% from Q1 2014, according to Canalys. quotes Tim Coulling, senior analyst at Canalys, as saying many new Windows Phone owners are buying them to replace old BlackBerry devices. He added:

"Microsoft is slowly building share without a flagship or high-spec handset – they are after the volume end of the [professional] market. This strategy will probably change when Windows 10 comes out."

Microsoft is rumored to have at least two high-end Windows 10 Mobile devices in the works.

Thanks to eusty for the tip!