Surface Book

Earlier this week, we received tips, and saw online reports, about some Microsoft Store online customers who had their Surface Book pre-orders cancelled due to issues with credit card providers. Folks who encountered this problem and then tried to re-enter their order saw that their shipment dates had changed to seven or eight weeks, rather than just a few days.

Windows Central contacted Microsoft to find out what, if anything, the company could do to fix this problem. Late on Monday, we received a statement from a Microsoft spokesperson that seems to be good news for those that were affected by the credit card issues:

"As we are processing and shipping the previously placed Surface Book pre-orders, some needed to have order details re-entered to properly process the transaction. We will be contacting impacted customers, and should they wish to keep their order, it will be shipped within a few days of being re-entered."

Hopefully if your Surface Book pre-order had to deal with these card glitches, you won't lose your place in the shipment line.

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