Carbon v1.1

It's been a bumpy ride for Carbon, the popular Twitter app for webOS, to make its way over to Windows Phone. We had an early build of it a few months ago and since then the app has been polished and submitted to the Marketplace. Unfortunately, it was also rejected no less than four times causing the devs to become exasperated from the process.

Now, we're pleased to tell you that not only did it pass but it is now available. The app fetches for $1.99 and it is certainly one of the nicest Twitter apps on our platform. What's even better is the developers ended up submitting version 1.1 of the app, bringing even more functionality to the mix including the uber cool "inline images in your timeline". That feature means that if there is a pic attached to the Tweet, you can (optionally) have it show up as your scrolling through, giving you a quick-peek at the content.

In addition, you have TwitLonger support, font size control, everything is pinnable, background updates, read-it-later options and more, making this chock full of features.

Carbon v1.1

We've been running v1.1 for the last few days and are very impressed with it. For those of you who are Metro-crazy, this is certainly your Twitter app as it has a very minimalist/font-centric UI design. Plus it has multiple account support which is something we need around these parts, so with that, we give Carbon a big thumbs up for Windows Phone.

We'd also like to announce that version 1.2 should be out within the next few days which features some scrolling tweaks as well as "trial" support, so hang tight if you don't want to purchase right away (though we think it's worth it).

Pick up Carbon here in the Marketplace for $1.99 and let us know in comments what you think. Check our early-video preview after the break. (Thanks for the heads up, Derek B.!)

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