Cards: En Fuego is a different type of card game for your Windows Phone. It's a match game of sorts where you have to match the bottom row of cards with the top row before they burn up (hence the en fuego reference).

The catch is that the top row of cards will rotate at random. One moment you see your match, the next it's gone. The game requires both concentration and a quick tap.

Once you match all the cards, you will advance to the next level where the cards burn quicker and rotate faster. While your score is cumulative there isn't a leader board to brag about your score. Graphics and sound effects are nice and the game has a bit of entertainment value. I don't think Cards En Fuego will keep you hooked for hours on end but it is a nice was to pass shorter periods of time with. 

All in all, Cards En Fuego would make a nice addition to your Windows Phone gaming library.  Cards: En Fuego is a free, ad-supported game and you can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.