Carrier IQ

If you were glad that Windows Phone doesn't have Carrier IQ on board before, you may be even happier now.The software, found on Android phones, has come under scrutiny for allegedly collecting data on users, including keystrokes, URLs and messages. Microsoft has recently denied using CIQ on any of its Windows Phones. 

Now, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request was put onto the FBI regarding what information it has on Carrier IQ and the response is a bit troubling but not exactly defining either.  In essence, the FOI request was denied on grounds that it would interfere with ongoing investigations and that it is currently being used for law enforcement purposes--the question arises though, who's being investigated Carrier IQ or citizens?


The site MuckRock, who put in the FOI (kudos), seems to think it's the latter--after all, US intelligence agencies do have a history of using outside commercial companies for data collection. In addition, MuckRock notes "...the request was specifically for documents related directly to accessing and analyzing Carrier IQ data.", which hints at something more than the company itself. Of course with the recent outcries against Carrier IQs practices, they could also themselves be under investigation too, which would be ironic.

MuckRock plans to appeal the FOI denial and hopes to get further clarification on the matter.