Cartoon Ball

The other day we reviewed the Windows Phone 8 game Cartoon Ball. It's an entertaining, casual game where you blast a blue ball into a basket. To keep things challenging you'll have to navigate around various obstacles along the way.

The game has potential but is held back by a few performance bugs and the lack of a trial version. The latest update takes Cartoon Ball addresses the bugs but the game still lacks a trial version.

The bug fixes address problems with saving your gaming progress and the game not restarting automatically when you fail a level. While we didn't experience the issue with game saves, we did notice when the bouncy ball bounces off the screen (ending your chances at success), you had to manually reset the level. Now this is done automatically and makes game play smoother.

Cartoon Ball isn't a bad game for your Windows Phone 8 device but without a trial version, some may give the game a pass. Cartoon Ball is currently running $.99 and you can pick it up here in the Windows Phone Store.

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