Nokia Lumia Icon

The decision to use a case with your Windows Phone is an age-old debate that has been re-kindled in a recent discussion going on over in the Windows Phone Central Lumia Icon Forums.

WPCentral member johnnyshinta presents the question here in the forums while considering a case for his Nokia Lumia Icon. The case he tried with the Icon had small crevices on either side of the display that captured dust and was difficult to keep clean. In addition, it seemed to ruin the clean looks of the Icon.

Which leads us to the question, “Case or no case with the Icon?” (or any other Windows Phone for that matter).

There is no right or wrong in this debate, whether you prefer to protect your Lumia Icon (or any other Windows Phone) with a case or prefer to let your Windows Phone run around naked. It all boils down to personal preference.

Personally, I like the fit and feel of the current crop of Windows Phones and the build quality has gotten a lot stronger over the years. For me, I prefer to go caseless. However, I do keep a Qi charging shell on my Lumia 1020 but solely for the charging benefits it offers. Otherwise, I have no hesitation carrying my Windows Phone in its birthday suit.

But what say you? Are you carrying your Lumia Icon with a case? Or do you feel a case ruins the thin form factor?

Feel free to hop on over to this WPCentral Forums discussion and share your thoughts on the matter.