It's a well known fact that retailers are a bit prone to downplaying Windows Phone in favor of other mobile OS's, especially Android. We also know we're preaching to the choir about this since it seems most of you have legit stories of the same nature when walking into any of the big carrier's stores.

Still, it's also a bit fun to drive the point home, especially in audio format.

The embedded audio clip above comes from the fine chaps at the Windows Phone Dev Podcast, Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk, who recently called up a certain retailer to ask about "smartphones". The goal was to act like a customer who is unfamiliar with the genre, leaving the talking up to the agent to see where they go when given a long leash. No less than three times was this representative given an opportunity to mention Windows Phone or say anything positive and while we won't ruin it for you, lets just say it's what you might have expected after all those other stories you've heard.


Now perhaps this was just an isolated case or the next customer she helped she gushed enthusiastically about Windows Phone, but we're guessing probably not. Needless to say, Microsoft and Windows Phone still have an image and message problem. But between Mango, Nokia and we think the HTC Titan launch on AT&T, perhaps some karma will be coming to our beleaguered OS. Fingers crossed.

Listen to the entire episode of the Windows Phone Dev Podcast right here. And make sure to tune in weekly to the live show as it'll give you a different perspective on the Windows Phone developer life.