You're probably better off just looking at the pictures, but if you didn't believe that the BlackBerry Application Suite, aka an entire BlackBerry OS running on top of Windows Mobile, was real, above is your blurry video proof [via].

Three thoughts:

  1. Ignoring the slowness, it looks to us like this is a better touchscreen implementation of the BlackBerry OS than the Storm. Click-Screen may have been a clever idea, but this won't cripple your thumbs.
  2. Not ignoring the slowness: what gives? Is this software designed to make users throw up their hands and say “bah! Give me a real BlackBerry!” or what? Yes, we know it's probably Alpha or Beta at best, but really, do you think that the entire BBOS on top of WinMo is going to be snappy?
  3. BGR has the rundown on what works and what doesn't. What works: PIN and most OS functions. What doesn't: GPS, calling, WiFi (really?).

The lack of WiFi support is a puzzler, because WinMo has fantastic networking APIs and any application, including this one, ought to be able to get on it without a problem. It's possible that RIM is trying to code this 'close to the metal' instead of using standard WM APIs. If that's the case, cut it out RIM. Microsoft went to great lengths to help set up WM so you could program for multiple form factors at once using their standard APIs. Wasn't the whole point of this endeavor to allow people to use a BlackBerry on different form factors?