CW Xbox 360

The CW Network has released an app for the Xbox 360, which enables consumers to check out favourite shows, including full episodes, previews and interviews. Next-day episodes are also available for free with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, ignoring any cable or membership subscription costs. If you're a fan of the US network, you'll want to have this app pinned to the dashboard.

What's more is the CW app takes full advantage of Xbox SmartGlass (hello there, Windows Phone) to create a rich, interactive and integrated experience. Viewers can use their Windows tablets or Windows Phones to receive additional content not available to consumers on other platforms. This is a unique feature that should offer an incentive to at least consider the Windows ecosystem should the CW app be frequently accessed.

Major Nelson reports the following as available in the SmartGlass experience for the show The Vampire Diaries:

  • A map that follows the characters through town, revealing events throughout the town's history
  • Biographies of each character
  • Legends and lore of New Orleans and the world of The Vampire Diaries

That's not a bad list, especially if we're to see SmartGlass support expanded to multiple shows offered by the network. If all this wasn't enough, Major Nelson states there will be an Xbox 360 console giveaway on Facebook. Lucky winners will be able to walk away with a custom The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural consoles.

Source / image: Major Nelson