Surface Pro 3 Pen

CBS News This Morning got a rare chance to film Microsoft's generally secret device laboratory outside of Seattle for a story that centers on the future of digital handwriting, and specifically at the Surface Pro 3 pen.

There's no new information about the Surface Pen revealed in this feature, but it does put a spotlight on how Microsoft wants to showcase handwriting on a digital device as a major feature. It quotes the company's Surface creative director Ralf Groene as saying a pen can be an "incredibly powerful" tool "to express ideas and make them tangible". He added.

"I think there's a principle that is everything that can be digital, will be digital. If you take a powerful tool from the analog world, and you turn it into the digital space, or you connect it to the digital space, and all of a sudden, you multiply its use, its power."

Overall, it is great to see some exposure behind the scenes at Microsoft, and hopefully this will spur some interest in the Surface Pro 3.

Source: CBS News