Just a few days after the unannounced CES sighting and a single, unexciting “spy shot” the Palm Treo Pro gets its FCC approval for CDMA. Of course we have a good idea that this is supposed to be hitting Sprint within the next 2 weeks, but with little fanfare as it lies within the wake of the Palm Pre.  The only thing we now know is this: it does have a 1500mah battery, which will be a welcomed improvment over the 1130mah of the Treo 800w.

What else is interesting about these FCC docs is the date:  Sept 12th. This is revealing for two reasons:
  1. Just weeks after the Treo 800w was released, the CDMA Treo Pro was finished and headed for the FCC
  2. Our earlier report (Sept 18th) where Palm said they had secured a deal with a carrier for the Pro
Putting on our "speculation hat", we’d say that the Treo Pro for Sprint was always in the works, whether or not the 800w was a success or not—that is this was a long term plan of Palm and Sprint. Of course had the 800w not been delayed from late 2007, this hardware-refresh would not look so premature.
The other interesting bit is that perhaps this was never planned for AT&T, who since has gone with the Samsung Epix, but rather it was Sprint all along.
So anyone actually excited about this?