The Celio Redfly, aka “the mobile companion” for your Windows Mobile phone, is now available for $499.95 in the WMExperts Store! Don't remember the Redfly? It has been a little while, but we did lay it out in our review:

What the Redfly does is connect to your Windows Mobile phone over USB or Bluetooth and “trick” it into believe it has a large, 800x480 screen and a near full-sized keyboard instead of a tiny 320x240 screen and a chicklet keyboard. So the Redfly itself stores no data and has no processing power, it all stays on the smartphone.

Basically, it takes your Windows Mobile phone and turns it into a NetBook, so you don't have to muck around with syncing your data since it's all on the smartphone already.

In addition to the retail availability, Celio has also let us know that they've expanded the compability list! Full list (drivers will be at by Friday) after the break!

One more thing: Celio is also sponsoring a giveaway -- a free Redfly! Details are here.

Available Now:

  • HTC Mogul
  • AT&T Tilt
  • Verizon XV6800
  • Treo 700 w/wx
  • Treo 750
  • Samsung SCH-i760 on Verizon

Available Friday (or possibly even Thursday night):

  • Samsung Blackjack II
  • Motorola Q9c
  • Motorola Q9m
  • Motorola Q9h
  • T-Mobile Dash
  • Sprint Touch
  • HTC Touch (Original GSM)
  • Treo 500
  • Treo 800w

You can check out the WMExperts' full review and photo gallery of the Redfly here.

Redfly in the WMExperts Store ($499.95)