We've heard from a few of you out there asking when the Ceilo Redfly mobile companion would be compatible with the Opera Mobile 9.5 beta browser. Folks, your day has come. And, more important, Celio has heard you. The latest drivers build fixes the following:

  • The Opera 9.5 beta release of the browser (which ships natively with many of the phones above) is now supported.
  • USB performance and speed has been significantly enhanced.
  • A potential conflict between WiFi and Bluetooth can occasionally cause connections to be dropped. There are multiple things that affect Bluetooth connectivity and signal strength. This has been partially resolved.
  • Basic support for Direct Draw has been added to the REDFLY driver which now means that applications that used those interfaces will render properly on the REDFLY in most cases.
  • REDFLY.exe has been re-factored now to be a service under the OS for improved stability.

And things they're still working on:

  • This release does not support the HTC TouchFLO interface at this time. If this setting is enabled in the phone, REDFLY attempts to turn it off programmatically when you connect with the REDFLY, and then turn it back on when you disconnect.
  • The Sony XPERIA Panels Choice menu doesn't work when connected to REDFLY -Panels themselves scale and work, but the Choose Panel window doesn't.
  • The Sony XPERIA Phone Dialer window is cut off such that you can't see the number you are dialing.
  • Samsung Themes 1 and 2 are not supported with the REDFLY.
  • The Samsung Today and Samsung Widgets must not be checked (turned on) in the Omnia Settings menu.
  • If in portrait mode when connecting to the REDFLY, the dialer application on the Omnia will not render correctly. Connect while in landscape mode and this is not a problem.