Central News returns with major update for Windows 10

Central News, a nicely designed RSS app exclusively for Windows, will launch a major update on July 30. The update, which follows the Windows 10 launch, will bring along with it a number of new features and functions to the apps. Bringing a broader and richer news platform, Central News will offer a free and paid version of the app, though the free variant will only have some of the new features.

The Central News Plus app will feature Main, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, World, Video, Lifestyle, Health, and Weird news, from a variety of sources. These updates will begin rolling out July 30 on the PC first, followed by a universal release in the future. The universal release will include mobile, Xbox One, and all other devices with Windows 10 functionality. Be sure to keep an eye out for the updates as they go live following the Windows 10 release.