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Even as Microsoft is working hard to launch Windows 10 Mobile sometime later this year, at least one of its major partners on the PC front, ASUS, doesn't appear to be a fan of using Windows on smartphones.

In an interview with Mashable, the chairman of ASUS expressed his doubts about Windows on smartphones:

"The advantage of Windows is productivity and entertainment at the same time," Asus chairman Jonney Shih told Mashable. "The advantage [of Windows on phones] is not that much [when compared to iOS and Android], frankly speaking."

"While Shih believes Microsoft is undergoing a transformation internally under Nadella, he doesn't feel there's a compelling enough reason to support Windows 10 Mobile with phones just yet."

ASUS announced some new Windows 8.1 ZenBook laptops at a press event earlier this week, along with its new ZenPhone 2 for Android. You can check out the first part of a two part video interview with Shih, along with Intel Corporate VP Aicha Evans, from that event on our sister site Android Central right now.

Source: Mashable