Change Your Oil

Change Your Oil is a Windows Phone apps (mango) from the indie developer webdad2 technologies that is a car maintenance reminder/tracker app. It is designed to replace that plastic reminder windshield sticker that is often ignored.

The layout is simple with the main page being your Garage that lists all your vehicles. With each vehicle you can add information such as mileage, tag number, oil and air filter information, oil weight, brand of oil, tire pressure information, and view your maintenance history for that vehicle.

You can edit the settings assigned to your vehicles that will enable toast notifications and your Live Tile to remind you when your next oil change is due. All in all, Change Your Oil is a simple way of keeping track of your routine car maintenance. It ran smoothly and was easy to navigate around.

There is a free trial version available for Change Your Oil that is limited to tracking one vehicle. The full version, that lets you track multiple vehicles, will run you $.99. You can find Change Your Oil here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.