For those who've been following the whole Skyfire browser trend, you'll know that to get the app you have to enroll in their beta testing.

What's worse is that beta testing is closed (invite only) and if you sign up now, there's very little chance of getting in on the glory.

Well, thanks to this little tip, you can bump your application up and get the download link now:

  • If you have never registered, just go here and enter in CNET100 in the code section
  • If you have previously registered, but did not get enrolled, go back and re-enter your info exactly (same number, same email, same name) and now enter the code: CNET100

You should see a screen that says that they've found your registration and you'll get an SMS link to download the Skyfire browser.

No telling how long this will last, so jump on it now! (Only U.S. based customers though, sorry)

Thanks rex (via our fourms, via ppcgeeks)