So far we've looked at the new Surface Pro 4 from a purely tech perspective, but the device is also an extremely popular option for artists thanks to the Surface Pen. If you're an artist looking for some thoughts from an art perspective, YouTuber Brad Colbow's review is worth a watch.

Overall, Colbow's review of the Surface Pro 4's artistic prowess is pretty positive. He was particularly impressed with the updates to the Surface Pen, which now has a textured tip to better emulate the drag you get with a pencil and paper. There were some noticeable hiccups due to the increased pressure sensitivity, however, specifically with some odd line tapering, but Colbow is confident Microsoft can address any issues through updates.

Colbow also says that while Adobe Photoshop did experience a couple of minor slowdowns, the experience with Adobe Illustrator and Clip Studio was fantastic.

If you're an artist interested in the Surface Pro 4, be sure to check out Colbow's full review above!

Source: Brad Colbow