Surface Music Kit

It can be a rarity to walk into a retail store and discover a rep who actually knows about the full spectrum of technology they are selling, at the Microsoft store though – this is no problem. Not only do Microsoft Stores showcase knowledgeable reps, but they also showcase those who can drop a sick beat with the Surface Music Kit.

At the Microsoft Store in University Village, Seattle an employee and Surface lover steps up to the special Surface cover designed to drop some beats and he does just that. Jonathan Velasquez became a sense of pride for his local store and Microsoft’s Director of Surface, Bryson Gordon, wanted to see just how impressive he was.

Check out the above video, which features Jonathan mixing beats in real time on the Surface Pro. The fun is all happening after hours, but we would love to see Microsoft have Jonathan put on a live show during store hours!

What do you think of the Surface Music Kit and Jonathan’s beats?

Question: Is the music coming from the Surface Pro?

Answer: No, it is coming from an attached “Jawbone BIG Jambox” speaker.

Source: Microsoft