Windows Phone 8.1 Update has numerous new features in it, with many being under the hood changes for phone manufacturers. One of the more interesting changes though is long outstanding: a Live Tile for the Windows Phone Store.

System apps typically do not have flipping Live Tiles, which is maybe why the Store and Xbox Music apps did not have them. Both of those are changing with Update 1 as the Store Tile now flips to reveal new apps and deals, and the Xbox Music app update (due in the coming weeks), also brings a long awaited Live Tile.

By default, the Store Live Tile is enabled although if yours is not working, you may want to try to toggle it off and then on again. To find the settings:

  • Open Store app
  • Tap ellipsis '…' near the bottom
  • Settings
  • Scroll down to Live Tile

As you can see, there are two options, including on or off and 'Only update Live Tile over Wi-Fi,' which is an excellent bonus.

The Live Tile should update itself every six hours.

The Live Tile itself is very nice as it rotates through three stages:

Default Store icon > App Name > App graphic

The app rotates through three apps or games before starting a new set, keeping the content fresh.

Although having a Live Tile to the Store is not groundbreaking, heck if anything, it is overdue, it is nice finally to have it on board Windows Phone 8.1 Update!