Windows Phone Demo Prize

Microsoft has kicked off a competition with a Windows Phone demo, which is available on the web for consumers to try out. It's super simple to get stuck in and be in with the chance of pocketing $10,000, as well as some exciting daily prizes. So while checking out exactly what Windows Phone looks like and what the platform has to offer, those who are playing with the demo can also walk away with more than what they arrived with. It's a win-win.

Here's how you get involved:

  1. Follow the blue dot to demo.
  2. Select any tile from the Start screen when the blue dot disappears to keep demoing.
  3. Select “Click For A Chance To WIN” in the blue bar to enter the sweepstakes and instant win!

So what are the prizes? There's one grand prize - the $10,000 cash award. Everyone can enter once for the sweepstakes but the daily instant wins are open each and every day (though you can only win one prize!). Here are the instant win rewards (and they aren't too shabby):

  • First Prize: Three Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundles
  • Second Prize: A single Xbox 4GB console
  • Third Prize: 800 copies of Halo Reach for Xbox 360
  • Fourth Prize: 1,937 3-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription cards
  • Fifth Prize: 378 1,600 Xbox Live Points Card
  • Sixth Prize: 1,000 Kinect Sports for Xbox 360 with Kinect

Phew. Did you catch all of that?

This is open to US residents only and will close on June 30th. Be sure to check through the official competition rules (PDF) before entering the sweepstakes. Also, get friends and family involved who haven't got Windows Phones just yet. They'll be able to test out the operating system, as well as obtaining the chance to win some prizes and a whopping $10,000.

Source: Windows Phone Demo